About Chelsea


Chelsea Ball, PT, GCFP (Physical Therapist, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner)

My personal journey towards the Feldenkrais Method was initially purely professional.  After working as a Licensed Physical Therapist for many years, I was interested in further expanding my knowledge of the human body and how it recovers from injury.  The traditional PT method generally focuses on treating an injury by strengthening weakened muscles and stretching tight ones in order to regain mobility.  While this is an essential part of recovery, I have found that it lacks a holistic approach.  The Feldenkrais method utilizes the nervous system to retrain the body to move more efficiently, serving as that missing link to restoring one’s function and ease of movement.  It goes beyond “fixing” the injured body part, to exploring one’s underlying (possibly hazardous) habits/patterns of movement.

I began an accredited four year Feldenkrais training program with the intention of furthering my PT career, not realizing what it could do for me personally. Prior to my training, I had been dealing with chronic low back pain for years.  There was no single traumatic event which caused the pain, it just gradually worsened over time.  And while my level of pain did fluctuate, every few months it was so bad I was unable to participate in my favorite activities–running and yoga–without debilitating pain.  Utilizing all of my prior PT knowledge, I had devised an exercise plan which would temporarily reduce my pain, but ultimately wasn’t addressing the real issue.  One month into my Feldenkrais training program, I had a surprising realization: I was able to return to yoga and running without back pain.

The Feldenkrais method has taught me how to increase my awareness of movement,  therefore discovering how to improve the quality of those movements.  I would love to share this gift with you, to help you recover from injury and find greater ease in your daily life.

Chelsea Ball is Certified and Insured through the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.