What Chelsea’s clients have to say:

“Feldenkrais work with Chelsea Ball was the last integrative step of my healing process from neck and back injuries I experienced from my car being rear-ended.  Her knowledgeable, gentle approach helped my body feel more balanced and unified.  Chelsea’s Feldenkrais work was such an empowering healing process.  I always left my appointments feeling energized, relaxed and pain-free.  Not only did I learn how to help heal and move my body in more holistic ways, I also learned how to better adjust the way I sit in my car, select the most appropriate bed pillow for my neck and design my weight work outs at the gym. Chelsea’s education and training in both Physical Therapy and Feldenkrais allow her to offer incredibly comprehensive care.  I highly recommend CMB Movement Therapy.” – Laura-Beth S.

“I found out about Chelsea through a friend’s referral, and I admit my expectations were extremely high since I had had previous positive experience years ago with the Feldenkrais method (from the best!).  Because of this, I knew I would be able to tell after an initial visit if she was well-trained and knowledgeable.  The answer is an astounding YES!  Her superb knowledge and style are absolutely up there with the best, and her friendly, calm demeanor is welcoming.  I also appreciated her knowledge of traditional PT, which rounds out knowing so well how the body functions.  I could not be happier with my recent experience.”  SK, Seattle

“Chelsea is amazing! After my initial session for a very painful lower back I felt great relief. I was told by two doctors that beyond strong drugs there was nothing they could do. Chelsea proved them wrong. Her intuitive hands and sublte movements were calming and healing. No more back pain. Feldenkrais with Chelsea is life changing!” -Myra B.

“My experience with Chelsea and the Feldenkrais method was very positive.  Her treatments were more effective than the traditional PT I had previously tried in addressing my chronic low back pain.  The exercises she gave me to continue after her treatments concluded are still helping control the pain.” -Dave O.

“Chelsea Ball with CMB Movement Therapy was just what my body needed. I’ve been working out and doing pilates, but really what I needed to do was be more aware of how I move and that I use all the parts of my body to help me move with ease and not just my muscles.  Chelsea talked me through the Feldenkrais process and discussed what my goals were as well.  She was professional, gentle and cared about my outcome.  If you have an opportunity to work with Chelsea it will be worth your time.” – Ngaire T.

“At this writing, I’m 64 years old and my day is spent sitting at a computer, driving a car, sitting at a dining table, or lying in bed! I had developed some bad mechanical habits, and as Chelsea Ball at CMB Movement has her vast education and experience as a physical therapist to bring to her Feldenkrais practice, she was able to immediately diagnose my structural issues and prescribe a course to quickly – and with relative ease – reprogram my movement patterns so that walking wasn’t so stressful on my legs, to prevent my neck from getting tight and stiff, and to generally move about more comfortably.” -Mack M.

“Should you be seeking immediate relief from pain, or longer-term work to awaken your body to new ways of moving, Chelsea is masterful.  Her knowledge and skills can make a huge difference in your life.” – Carolann F.

“I like to think that I’m fairly active. I started working with Chelsea to improve my knee pain. Little did I know that I would come away with an expanded sense of movement. I am much more conscious about my movements and I move much more efficiently. This has translated into better rock climbing, weightlifting, and snowboarding. I highly recommend CMB Movement to anyone who, well, moves. For me it’s truly been a game changer.” – Zach E.