Launching FREE Online Movement Classes – Starting May 18th!

Here’s your opportunity to try out Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes for FREE from the comfort of your own home!

This upcoming series is focused around Postural Pain Relief – something we can all use now that we are using our phones and computers more than ever to stay connected with each other.

Each class will be one hour and offered live via Zoom:

Monday 8am and Friday 4pm PDT (Friday’s will be a repeat of the Monday class – you have options!)


May 18 & 22 – Part One: Connecting the Head and Torso in Turning

May 25 & 29 – Part Two: Connecting the Head and Torso in Side-Bending

June 1 & 5 – Part Three: Finding Ease in the Neck and Jaw

The classes are designed to be taken as a series, but if you miss one, you can easily jump into the following classes.

For this class you will need:

*A quiet room without distraction
*A standard flat bottom chair
*Floor space to lie down (a bed is fine, if you are unable to tolerate the floor)
*Something like a yoga mat if you will be using the floor
*A towel or blanket for head support
*A computer or phone where you can access Zoom (we will mostly be using the audio, you will not need to see me during the class unless for clarification).
*A curious mind 🙂

Once you register, I will email you the weekly Zoom Link for access (Please type “Zoom” in the message field).

Register Here