It’s that dreaded moment:  I am at a dinner party and someone innocently asks “What do you do?”.  I usually take the easy way out and just tell them that I am a Physical Therapist.  This satisfies the party guest, as they have a mental framework in which to place “PT”.  I will rarely share with them that I specialize in a method of movement therapy called Feldenkrais – because trying to describe exactly what Feldenkrais is has always been a challenge for me.  This is probably because the method is inherently experiential and putting it into words doesn’t really do it justice.  What I will attempt to do here is give you a framework in which Feldenkrais can be personalized to you.

Do you resonate with any of these comments?  

  • I am looking for ease and comfort but struggling with pain.
  • I feel pain in some part of my body (shoulders, hips, neck, low back, knees, feet).
  • I am unable to do a favorite activity because of pain or dysfunction.
  • I feel my mind and body are disconnected when I do things.
  • I feel mentally or physically drained after work or daily activities.

*If so, what do you normally do to address these issues?
*Are these methods efficient or effective enough?
*Are you interested or curious to try something new?

Feldenkrais works as a way to rewire the brain (otherwise known as neuromuscular reeducation). It helps people improve their way of moving and their way of being.

  • Decrease pain – Feldenkrais encourages you to become aware of your habitual movement patterns, then provides you with the tools to relearn more efficient ways to move – getting you out of the pain cycle.
  • Improve coordination – By improving your body awareness and internal image of yourself, you will discover an increased connection of your mind-body.
  • Decrease fatigue – Feldenkrais helps you to explore how to use your body with greater efficiency, decreasing the effort with all mobility tasks – whether that is performance in a sport or just your daily activities.

If you are curious to learn more, call me for a free 30 minute phone consultation to determine if this method would be helpful for you.