New Offerings! (and COVID-19 letter)

These past few weeks have been a time of anxiety, confusion and frustration for many here in Seattle. We are at the U.S. epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s hitting all of us hard. We are asked to socially isolate and work from home for an indefinite amount of time. I know that many are navigating how to work remotely without the comfort of an ergonomic office chair and desk.

After spending 20 minutes with a patient in clinic discussing her concerns for how to properly set up her laptop so that she doesn’t aggravate her neck, it became clear that I needed to see her space to better assist her.

In the spirit of working remotely and helping those dealing with these home ergonomic challenges, I am now offering Virtual Ergonomic Consultations. This will be done on the video platform Zoom, so that I can better appreciate your home space and provide you with the tools and tips to modify your environment. This will decrease your likelihood of future postural pains/strains and stave off overuse injuries. Included in this session will be instruction in personalized Feldenkrais movement lessons that you can do from your “desk”. These movement lessons are simple and enjoyable and will help to reduce muscular strain, increase body awareness and improve your posture – and a great short break from your work day!

1-hour Virtual Consultation and Feldenkrais lesson: $50 or pay when you can

Email or call to schedule.

COVID-19 Letter

UPDATE: CMB Movement Therapy is closed until further notice.

In light of the recent state-wide bans and instructions on social distancing, we will be closing our doors until further notice. Stay posted, and stay safe!